Other Specialties

152 : Acid Additive; emulsifying agent for acid pickles.
265PD : Electropolish for stainless steel.
489-0 : Ghost Lube; residue free lubricant.
490 : Patclean Biodegreaser; biodegradable solvent.
850 : Non-cyanide immersion tin.
901 : Non-chrome, non-nitric bright dip for brass and copper parts.
953-SST : Bright dip for stainless steel.
964F : Bright dip for Kovar.
BT-5 : Chemical polish for copper, copper alloys and other metals.
Carb-Out P : For removal of carbonates from cyanide solutions.
Lo-Mist DC : Mist suppressant for decorative chrome plating solutions.
UL-1 : Defoamer for cleaners and waste treatment.