Aluminum and Anodizing

110-NC : Powdered non-caustic soak cleaner.
142 : Liquid deoxidizer (desmut) for aluminum.
159 : Non-cyanide, liquid zincate for aluminum.
161 : Powdered Super Etch for aluminum.
213 : Liquid bright dip for aluminum.
216 : Acid salt for aluminum; potential replacement for hydrofluoric acid.
366-G : Powdered aluminum etch.
368-G : Non-silicated, non-etch powdered cleaner for aluminum.
575 : Alcor liquid seal clean for anodized aluminum.
615 : Dry granular dichromate for aluminum.
628-CC : RoHS compliant, high corrosion resistant yellow, non-chrome liquid for aluminum.
628-DM : Same properties as 628-CC only packaged in a dry formula.
637 : RoHS compliant, clear trivalent liquid chromate for aluminum.
903 : Liquid cleaner and metal conditioner.
982A : Gold iridescent for aluminum; on QPL.
570 : Alcor Aluma Seal for anodized aluminum.
ASB-60 : Mild acidic, non-silicate liquid cleaner for aluminum; excellent for buffing compound removal.
DX-14 : Liquid deoxidizer (desmut) for aluminum.
PC-16 : Liquid acidic metal cleaner and conditioner for aluminum.
ZA-3 : Non-cyanide liquid zincate for aluminum.