Acid Salts and Activators

145 Acid Salt : For brass, copper alloys, nickel, zinc die-casting, white metals and difficult to activate metals.
200 Acid Salt : Ideal for multiple substrates, scale removal from steel, stainless steel and high nickel steel.
206 Acid Salt : For zinc die-castings and zinc slush castings, removes smut and oxides from zinc surfaces.
212 Acid Salt : Acid pickling of zinc die-castings and zinc slush castings, removes oxidation from zinc surfaces.
216 Acid Salt : Acid Salt great for aluminum and safer replacement for hydrofluoric acid.
325 OxyEtch : Mildly acidic for micro-etching of copper, great for electronics and circuit boards.
931XW : Versatile, premium acid salt ideal for a variety of substrates.
Acid Prep TM : Unique liquid activator ideal for cast iron, nickel, Kovar, and brass.