By Peter Tremmel · July 9, 2013 · Filed in CASE STUDIES

With new advances in coating technologies resulting in extremely durable coatings, more and more metal finishers are concerned with how to remove these new engineered finishes without attacking the base material and jeopardizing worker safety in the process. In the past, chemical strippers could remove alkyd enamels in seconds. Today finishes also include acrylics, epoxies, polyesters, polyurethanes, vinyls and other durable organic coatings. Due to their chemical resistance, they are extremely difficult to remove. These residual coatings must be removed from processing hooks, hangers, racks, carriers and other fixtures in order to ensure excellent electrical contact between parts and fixtures. Occasionally defective parts must also be stripped of these new and improved coatings without damaging the base material. To strip these new coatings, more aggressive methods have been developed. Chemical stripping methods often use harsh, corrosive chemicals and solvents that contain hazardous air pollutants such as methylene chloride that are regulated by the government because of worker safety and environmental concerns.

As an alternative to consider, Accu-Labs, Inc. has developed a “GREEN ALTERNATIVE” for use in paint stripping; ENVIROSTRIP BZ.

ACCU-LABS ENVIROSTRIP BZ is a non-methylene chloride based heavy duty paint stripper especially designed to rapidly strip epoxy resins, modifications of their copolymers, alkyds, ureas, phenolics, and melamine coatings from steel, brass, copper, and aluminum without attack to the base metal.

ACCU-LABS ENVIROSTRIP BZ is a unique blend of non-flammable, organic solvents, with a slightly acidic base, all acting synergistically to make ACCU-LABS ENVIROSTRIP BZ rapid acting and efficient. It has a built in seal specifically designed to reduce evaporation and odor.


• NO HAPS – NO Methylene Chloride – Contains no regulated hazardous air pollutant solvents


• ECONOMICAL – Dilutable with water, 25 – 100% makeup depending on application

• FREE RINSING – Water Soluble

• VERSATILE – Non-Etching of non-ferrous materials


• SAFE – Excellent for worker safety

In a recent DOE comparison study performed independently by a client performing epoxy coatings on copper bussing, it was determined that the ENVIROSTRIP BZ outperformed every other paint stripper in terms of costs, speed and worker safety. The ENVIROSTRIP BZ process effectively removed 3 mils (.003”) of  specially developed epoxy organic coatings off  a copper alloy in less than 40 minutes without attack, where competing products took several hours to several days to completely remove the same type of coating.

For more information, performance evaluation samples on the ENVIROSTRIP BZ process , or any other powder-coating / paint related questions, please feel free to contact us or call (773) 523-3100.

Please click here to see a brief video presentation on the ENVIROSTRIP BZ.