About Us

Accu-Labs, Inc. was launched in November of 2001 as a specialty chemical company, as well as an analytical and environmental reporting laboratory and consulting firm that serves the needs of the plating and metal finishing industry. We are a privately held multi-million dollar company located in Chicago with a customer base that totals well over three hundred and includes Fortune 500® OEMs.

The size of our competition ranges from very small to very large, but the one characteristic that most of them have in common with each other is that over the past few years they have reduced sales, service, and research staffing. Conversely Accu-Labs has invested more resources in the aforementioned areas in an effort to establish and maintain partnerships with our customers; not just “vendorship”!

While Accu-Labs has international customers our greatest strength is in the USA and North America where a significant number of platers and metal finishers still exists. Our business partners rely on us to provide quality products, competitively priced in a timely manner. They also rely on us to assist in solving manufacturing problems quickly and efficiently; these objectives are accomplished with our full-functioning analytical laboratory, environmental compliance team, and our technical service staff employing modern technology and pragmatic experience.

Accu-Labs’ sales philosophy can best be described as “start to finish”. Since we develop and manufacture what we sell we understand the dynamics of metal finishing chemistry and the impact on the entire process including waste treatment and environmental considerations. But it doesn’t end there; we also assist in training the production employee and analytical personnel to provide a seamless transition when we assume account responsibility.

Our professional staff includes chemists, chemical engineers, technical service specialists and technical sales account managers all with an extensive background in the plating and metal finishing industry. Contact us today to find out more about what Accu-Labs can do for your organization; it is our privilege to serve you!